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Windshield Repair
Many people don't realize how important your windshield is. Yes, it keeps bugs and dirt out of your face, but it is also, more importantly, both a part of your vehicles roll cage and the support for your airbags if they ever deploy. In short, it keeps you in the car safely.
Emotions Captured in Time auto glass replacement Emotions Captured in Time
If your glass is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, don't worry, we have you covered. Our prices are competitive. Windshield cost starts at $90 and up. Labor is $150 Flat. Glue is $20 and Molding is $15 and up. The only added costs are rain sensor gel etc.
Window Tinting
***In the state of New Jersey, it is illegal to have your front glass tinted without written approval from the DMV.*** The Benefits of tinting include maintaining cooler temperature inside the vehicle, reduced UV-A and UV-exposure keeping the interior from sun damag, and reducing glare from the sun or oncoming traffic at night. **Half Car- $150 **Full Car-$280 and up.
Custom Glass Cutting
If you want a custom piece of glass, all you need is to ask and we will go over pricing with you. From cutting Jeep windshields for plaques, to cutting glass bottles for art projects, we have your back. Let us know what you need and we will iron our the details together.
Vehicle Photography
If you are trying to sell your car, or even if you just want some good photos of your car, we have the experience. Don't settle for a "blah" photo. Make your car look amazing with dynamic photos and videos. Pricing packages start at $60.
side mirror replacement
Don't you hate when someone hits your sideview mirror leaving it hanging by wires? Or some genius thought it was a good idea to smash the glass? Don't worry. It happens more than you know and its not too crazy of an expense to have fixed.

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